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Yoga Classes in Maidenhead

Tara Crist Sutthoff is based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and teaches a variety of yoga classes. These range from gentle yoga techniques for all ages, to pre and postnatal yoga (although Tara isn’t currently teaching this).

Tara teaches either at St Pirans School in Maidenhead on a Wednesday evening or in Holyport on Tuesday mornings. She also offers an online class on a Wednesday afternoon

Tara is experienced to teach yoga to elderly clients and those with Parkinsons (Tuesday morning classes) as well as pregnancy yoga.

She has online sessions for pre and postnatal (which involves baby too!) which can be accessed at any time via her YouTube channel (link below).

Tara is also a qualified Paddlesports Coach and has a Paddleboarding company. She can teach yoga on paddleboards as well as on dry land! It’s a great test for your balance and gives you an extra challenge.


Contact Details

 07505 147957


About Tara

How long have you been teaching yoga?

It’s been seventeen years now, since my youngest was a baby.

What made you get into it?

I was getting backache as a teenager and my posture wasn’t great. I never had time and I was always very active. I didn’t feel comfortable just stopping. So when I did yoga I found it weird that I was sort of listening to, I suppose my ‘inner voice’.

I started to really enjoy yoga and using it with children with cerebral palsy and also seeing my Mother just transform her back. It was painful all her life.

Plus aunts, family and people all around me and seeing that they were feeling different and in less pain. They were suffering less.

Did you always teach yoga?

I taught stress management classes in seminars in England, Northern Europe, Denmark, Holland and then opened up a business in Brussels. I taught stress management there with a breathing technique – very much around releasing the emotions and working on your ‘buttons’. Those are your stress and fears that get in the way. So then that was a natural progression. Once I had my children I didn’t want to work with everyone’s emotions. I felt that yoga classes would be a more subtle way of people working on themselves.


Where have you taught yoga classes?

I lived in Belgium where I did my yoga training. Then Aruba, and I taught there for four years outside, so we didn’t need any music or studio. Sunset or sunrise – there wasn’t much yoga going on in the middle of the day apart from private.

Then I came back to England and have done it Maidenhead for the last eleven years.


What yoga classes do you teach?

A wide variety:

  • Yoga for Parkinsons – Two classes of that. It has been very successful. People are getting much older but they are still mobile
  • Yoga on paddleboards
  • Yoga for posture – I call it ‘posture posture’, basically keeping your head on top. It’s in the evening which is very relaxing
  • Morning yoga classes

I like the variety that yoga can bring.