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Very Italful Italian and Culture Classes

Cristina Liga teaches ‘Very Italful’ Italian lessons and tuition to adults in around Maidenhead and White Waltham. The Very Italful classes are small and social. While Italian tuition can also be offered on a one to one basis.

Cristina lives in Berkshire with her husband, two children and their dogs Nebbia (which means ‘fog’ in Italian). Plus their new addition, puppy Fiocco (‘bow’).

Cristina is from Italy but has lived in the UK for around twenty years. In that time, she has had breaks and lived in Rome and Paris.

With a passion for Italian culture as well as language, she created Very Italful Italian classes. She named it ‘Very Italful’, to sound like ‘Very Beautiful’. Each lesson gives you a true sense of Italy. You learn about the food, music and how each Italian region differs. Cristina can also give you tips on places to travel to if you are planning your holiday to Italy!

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Cristina’s background is in training and HR, so it was a natural progression to use her passion for language and the Italian culture and teach Italian lessons to others. Her classes are based on ability so everyone in each class is of the same level. No pressure is put on you in the class. However everyone joins in as a group and you are positively encouraged to learn to speak.

Cristina also writes and designs her own Italian courses, so there are no traditional textbooks! This makes her Italian classes unique and individual to suit every level. She also works with another tutor called Gina, who holds her classes at her home in Maidenhead.

Cristina is keen to make her Maidenhead classes relaxed and enjoyable, and this is helped with optional events in which she organises on a regular basis. These include trips to the cinema to watch Italian films, meals out, coffee mornings and traditional cookery workshops. These activities away from lessons are fun ways to meet other students and get involved in the Italian culture. They are also open to partners or a friend to help make it enjoyable.

As well as holding small face to face classes (and online classes as well) Cristina can also offer one to one tuition. She will teach beginners up to more advanced speakers and you stay in a class that suits your pace.

About Cristina

What part of Italy are you from?

I was born in Sicily and shared my time between Palermo and Rome, my Mum’s city.

What did you do before you started teaching Italian?

I used to be a HR and Training Manager for international businesses within the technology sector.

What made you want to go into teaching Italian?

I had the pleasure of living abroad and working with different cultures from quite a young age. Cultural and language awareness became keen for me to succeed in managing complex projects and getting buying-in from employees. After years in HR, I realised that I was keen to bridge gaps between cultures and running my own business. Languages do just that – enable more mutual understanding and function as a gel to get people to live in harmony with each other.

Italy is my native country, I love our language and our beauties. It seemed the natural choice to follow.

How many people are usually in your classes?

My classes are fairly small so that I get to know my students and everyone can benefit from some personal support. So from a minimum of five up to twelve on average.

How are your classes structured?

I write my own material as it allows me to adapt it to the needs and wishes of my classes. It’s also created with anglophones in mind, so that I can envisage the unique challenges that they may face. It’s relaxed and sociable but at the same time aimed at making people learn and desire to learn even more.

Could I have one to one tutoring if a class doesn’t suit me?

Of course. Tuition is also something we offer, either in person or online.