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The 1:1 Diet with Louise Stroud, before and after weight loss

The 1:1 Diet with Louise Stroud

Louise Stroud is based in Cookham, Berkshire and is a consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. She offers full flexible support that fits around her clients, either in person at her peaceful garden cabin in Cookham, or online.

Louise became a weight loss consultant after following The 1:1 Diet herself. She found it easy to fit into her lifestyle, had no issues with hunger or low energy levels, and quickly saw results. The diet is easy to customise to suit each client.

Contact Details

07941 271405

How Does The 1:1 Diet Work?

The 1:1 Diet is designed to work around busy lives, and those who are need guidance when it comes to losing weight. Louise can help to motivate individuals, kickstart their weight loss journey and help them to achieve their goals. Meals and snacks are all calorie counted, and there is no need to worry about meal planning, shopping and prepping.

Free Consultations

Consultations with Louise are free, and they include one to one support and regular weigh-ins. Regular support is friendly and non-judgemental, and weigh-ins are done privately rather than in a group situation. However, there is an option to join a WhatsApp group where fellow dieters can connect with one another.

Meals, snacks, and shakes are nutritionally balanced, and clients are supported and motivated daily. The support can continue after the weight is lost if need be.

Get in touch with Louise to find out more. She is LBGQT+ friendly and you can even bring someone along with you if you wish.

About Louise

How easy is it to follow the 1:1 Diet?

It’s a very easy diet to follow, especially for people with busy lives, no counting calories or lots of meal prepping. We use calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced, shakes, smoothies, soups, bars or meal replacements, such as Spag Bol, Chicken Curry or Macaroni Cheese, easy to prepare at home or work. Plus we have a range of ready made shakes and yoghurt drinks for on the go.

Can it fit in with the family?

Depending on which Step we decide on (there are 5 altogether plus a maintenance step), you can eat a low calorie meal of your choice, or choose one of our tasty Step Up Meals, like Chicken or Beef Casserole or Veggie Chilli to eat with the family.

 How much support do you offer your clients with it?

Clients get a great deal of support from me, weekly one to one weigh ins and reviews face to face or via video link. Plus daily texts, the option to join a WhatsApp group with fellow dieters and I’m available at the end of the phone any time. Also once clients have achieved their weight loss, they can still attend for support with maintenance for as long as they need. Clients only pay for products, my support, advice and guidance is free.