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suzy malhotra, wellbeing coach

Suzy Malhotra

Resilience and Wellbeing Coach

Suzy Malhotra is a resilience and wellbeing coach and is passionate about helping individuals to adopt strategies and mindset to better manage their life and their stress levels. To create balance and harmony and to realise their dreams and goals without the cost of their health suffering.

With over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, then a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2016, Suzy invites you to follow the exact same framework she took to find your North Star and reignite your life, your future and your legacy.

suzy malhotra resilience and wellbeing coach

By using a unique coaching framework BECOME HER, she guides clients to release and let go of what is holding them back so that they have the freedom and clarity to design a life that is full of energy, happiness and joy.

As a qualified Wraw® Certified Practitioner Suzy also offers 1:1 coaching and workshops for teams and individuals in the workplace using a unique psychometric measure of resilience. (Wraw® stands for Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing).

Contact Details

07979 475474


Past, Present and Future

Suzy offers a series of one-to-one holistic life coach sessions. This involves looking at your life as a whole, rebuilding yourself and turning dreams into realistic achievements.

By addressing your past, you’ll learn to let go of negative thoughts and behaviours that may be holding you back. You will be able to live in the present moment and heal your past.

By embracing the present you can learn the art of living a happier life. This can be by finding joy in the moment, gratitude and practice self-care.

You’ll then be able to focus on the future and be better equipped to deal with life’s obstacles, whilst having a clearer vision.

Holistic Life Coach Benefits

The benefits of holistic coaching can include having a positive mindset, clarity, focus and a reduction of overwhelm.

You can also have a happier and healthier lifestyle, feel more confident and supported.


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About Suzy

What made you decide to go into coaching?

I love to help others build the confidence and resilience to face the challenges of their everyday life and find their beautiful. I am passionate about prevention and want to minimise any chance of stress manifesting in physical or emotional illness. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2016 I had to make some drastic changes to my life. Working with a life coach at that time helped me re-align my values and purpose and helped me realise the power we have to live the lives we truly want.


Have you always enjoyed helping others?

For more than 25 years I ran a design agency so I have always been very client focussed, finding creative solutions to their problems. I now can apply a similar creative approach to helping others design the life they want. So yes I have always been and always will love helping others.


How do your clients benefit from holistic life coaching?

Holistic living is being intentional with your thoughts, words & actions which ultimately lead you to a healthier, happier and meaningful life. Holistic wellbeing is focussing on every aspect of your life. Working with a holistic life coach you will find strategies to find the mindset to cope with whatever life throws at you, to dream big and to feel energised and empowered and inspired to become the woman you want to be, and to be HAPPY.

Some immediate benefits are improved mood, more positive outlook, decreased overwhelm, energy & confidence, reduced stress


You also have a private Facebook group. Do you find having the support of a group has a positive impact on members?

Yes absolutely. My private Facebook group is called BECOME HER. This group is a community created to support women with coaching tools, inspiration and guides to BECOME HER, the woman they truly desire to be.