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S-Mck Web Design

Sam Mck is a website designer and developer based in Berkshire. He works remotely either on existing websites or on new ones. By working closely with clients, Sam can create bespoke designs and functional websites that are user friendly and on brand.

Sam has experience in various platforms, such as Wix, Weebly and WordPress. He is familiar with different programming languages as well a selection of design software. He has
technical skills and creative ones.

His pricing is flexible to suit your budget, which is great for start-ups and he has a variety of services to suit your needs.

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S-Mck Web Design Services

S-Mck Web Design services include creating online branding for your business such as logos, social media marketing or a full home page design. He can build a brand-new website from scratch for your business or hobby. He can help with updating an existing website. And he can handle day-to-day site maintenance if needed.

Packages can be tailored to suit your requirements, so get in touch.

Sam can work with different types of websites, including Blogs, Landing Pages, Link Trees and more. His portfolio and testimonials are available on his website.

s-mck web designer portfolio

About Sam


What made you get into web design and development?

I have always had an interest in the Internet/technology but it has only been recently that I have had an opportunity to study Web Design. During the lockdown I was furloughed and was able reflect on what I really wanted to do. I decided to spend the extra free time teaching myself coding/Web Design tools using free courses and online tutorials.

I was surprised by how far I got using this approach and was able to start working on small client projects within my first year of Web Design. For me Web Design is a great fit for my interests and skills. It is the perfect blend of being creative and also being technical, two sides of my interests that previously I have found difficult to use together.

What are the benefits of choosing a web designer with knowledge of SEO?

Ultimately a website is only as good as the traffic it gets. And SEO is the name of the game if you want to appear on Google. Unfortunately, SEO is a complex and ever changing subject since everyone is competing for Google’s attention. Going with a Web Designer who understands how SEO works and some has some technical ability will help a lot. It will make sure your site is found by on Google and help your site reach its full potential online.

Do you offer different packages to suit your client’s budget?

I offer Branding, First time site setup, Site updating and Site admin services. Normally, I will tailor my services to fit my clients, as no two websites are the same.

It is best to contact me directly and I arrange a free consultation to see what your requirements are.