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releasing tension mind and body evening

Releasing Tension Mind and Body Evening

Two local businesses will be collaborating to bring you an evening of wellbeing and stress release. Corinne Hutchinson and Grainne Courtis will help you to relax mentally and physically with myofascial release and soundbath.

It will take place on Friday 2nd December 2022 from 6:30pm – to 9:30pm at Basque House, Hurley Lane. The cost will be £35 and includes tea and nutritious energy snacks.

The evening will begin with myofascial release, which uses equipment to target knotty and tense muscles. This will be combined with breathing into stretches to help you to unwind and prepare your body for deep relaxation to enter the soundbath.

This will calm the nervous system and heart rate and release tension into the mind and body. This will then enable you to explore a meditative state and a deep sense of relaxation to rebalance your body.

There will be tea and snacks to follow, along with an informal chat in a comfortable setting. There will also be an introduction to tuning forks for healing as well as questions and answers about your own body. 

Head to the Coz Pilates website for more details and to book the session.