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Mind Body and Bump

Mind, Body and Bump is run by Louise Prince, offering baby developmental classes, baby massage, and massage and Reflexology for women. Classes and therapy treatments take place at her home in Maidenhead, where she has a dedicated space for mums and babies and a separate therapy room for health based therapies.

Louise is a qualified, insured and registered Reflexologist, Massage Therapist (including Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal and Baby Massage), NVQ Teacher, an experienced Nursery Nurse and Birth Doula.

With 23 years’ experience under her belt, Louise continues to grow her knowledge and services/ therapies. Her mission is to bridge the need for wrap-around, consistent physical, emotional and mental support for women from maidens to matriarchs and the full life cycle.

She runs independent classes from Newborn and Mum winding and massage from birth, Developmental Baby Massage and Movement from 11 weeks and Milestones and Movement from sitting unaided to taking first steps.

Louise also offers one to one consultation on winding and tummy pain for babies, antenatal masterclasses, non-invasive complementary therapies for babies who are breech, low laying placenta and labour priming.

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Children and Teens

One of the few specialists in the area, Louise works with children from the age of 4 – 16. These include massage and reflexology treatments to help with their physical and mental health. Children see her for muscular aches and pains, exam stress, poor posture, low mood and anxiety, eating problems and girls with irregular or painful menstruation.

For younger children, Louise offers Story Massage (over the clothes) where a story is told during massage techniques.

Massage and Reflexology Treatments

For ladies of all ages and lifecycles Louise offers various massage treatments. These include Holistic Massage, Closing Bones (closes hips after 60% widening after birth), Warm Bamboo Massage and Reflexology. Head to the Mind Body and Bump website for more details or to purchase a Gift Voucher.

About Louise

Have you always wanted to work with prenatal and antenatal women?

I wanted to work with children teaching in primary education (like my mum did) and was on that path when I met a baby having Reflexology. In 2002 I had my first fertility IVF client and she asked me to be with her throughout the whole journey so I learnt alongside her.


What are the kinds of benefits mums and babies get from doing baby massage?

I focus on physical health. It’s fun, bonding, social and intellectual developmental benefits are a given. I want to give parents the skills to encourage their baby to roll sit stand and walk with perfect posture.

Mums need nurturing. Too many of us are dropped after we’ve had our babies and are not even aware of the support offered by private or NHS health services. I like to think of myself as a Hub for informed decision!


What age do you advise parents to massage their babies until?

Forever! There is a natural break when your baby starts to move into toddlerhood when the massage becomes more of a game than laying still, but they will have their favourite head or back or leg massage.