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Maidenhead softball club

 Mixed Teams and Youths

The Maidenhead Softball club is based in north Maidenhead and was originally formed in the 90’s. There are currently two mixed teams, one male team and one female team and a youth team. Ages range from 9 years through to adults.


 What is Softball?

Softball is a team sport, with two teams of ten players. It is a fast and sociable game but is suitable for mixed abilities.

One team will field with one member to pitch the ball, whilst the opposite team take it in turns to bat. The aim is to get as far around the pitch as possible before the ball is caught by a fielder defending a base.

More information and rules can be found on their website (below).

maidenhead softball club at summerleaze, winning a tournament

How to get involved in Maidenhead Softball

The Maidenhead Softball Club offer different sessions each week where you can go along and try it out. No experience is required, and these sessions are free. All the equipment is provided, and you will be taught how to play. All you need is to wear comfortable sports clothing.

There are adult sessions each Friday from 6:30pm – 8pm during the summer and 6pm – 7:30pm during the winter months. Plus there are youth sessions on Wednesdays during the summer.

During the summer months softball is held outdoors at the North Maidenhead Cricket Club, also known as Summerleaze Park (Summerleaze Road).  And indoors in the winter months at Newlands Girls School.

There are also weekend Tournaments around the country (most are in the local area) for those who want to join. And there is the opportunity to play in the Windsor and Maidenhead Softball League.

Get in touch for more details (and get 10% off your membership for the first year if you mention ‘Face2Face Direct’).

maidenhead softball club catching the ball

Fundraising and Community

Maidenhead Softball Club is great for the local community and always needs support with fundraising.

As well as events, you can also help when you shop online, by using the links on the website.

This helps to fund facilities and equipment, coaches, volunteers and more.

The club also runs a charity event in the lead-up to Christmas to raise money for local good causes.

We are always looking for donations for this event in return we will mention all donators at the event, on our website, our social media feeds and in the post event communication.


Sponsorship for Local Organisations

Maidenhead Softball Club also has opportunities for local organisations looking to increase their local brand awareness via our online presence, weekly league games and the events they run through the year.

A great opportunity to help develop a local sports club.

About Maidenhead Softball Club


How long has the Maidenhead Softball Club been running?

As Maidenhead Softball Club, we’ve been running since 2013 which was when we changed our name from Rhythm Softball Club. Rhythm has its roots back in the mid-90s.


Can anyone join the club?

Pretty much anyone. We have youth sessions for 9-14 yr olds and then sessions for 14+. No real upper age limit, no experience needed and open to all genders.


How does Softball differ from Baseball or Rounders?

There are differences between the sports. For example, in Rounders, while mixed there is no glove. Softball is mixed and uses a glove. We also have bases on the ground rather than poles. But scoring etc, is the same. With baseball, the team on the field is smaller, as is the ball. However, the diamond is bigger. The pitching style in baseball is also different as is the speed of the pitch compared to the majority of the Softball code Maidenhead plays.

If you play one, you can easily adapt to the others. It is not the case that once a rounders player always one and you can’t do anything else.


Is it free to join?

All our training sessions are free. It’s only when a player wishes to commit to playing in the league or tournaments, do we ask them to join.

We also give a 10% membership discount in the first year when you mention ‘Face2Face Direct’ when joining.