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maidenhead festival fringe battle of the bands

Maidenhead Festival Fringe: Battle of the Bands

The annual Maidenhead Festival is a large community event held every July in Kidwells Park, lead by organiser Lisa Hunter. It is a jam packed weekend of live music and entertainment on the main stage, stalls, funfair and so much more. In the run up to the event, the Maidenhead Festival Fringe is all about unleashing local talent – and is a great way to ensure the Maidenhead Festival happens every year.

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands returns to Maidenhead by popular demand, championing the unusual and the unheard! So brace yourself for an exhilarating line up of musicians, such as electronic, rock, ensembles and more.

The battle takes place over two nights, starting with round one on Friday 22nd March 2024 at Potion and Motion, Grenfell Island between 7:30am – 10:30pm. Tickets are £3 when booked in advance, or £4 on the door.

Get your tickets here: Battle of the Bands Round One

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The Battle of the Bands Round One then continues for the second night on Wednesday 10th April 2024 between 7pm – 9pm at A Hoppy Place Maidenhead, off Park Street.

The winning band from each epic clash will win a coveted spot on the main stage at the Maidenhead Festival – which this year takes place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July.

The Maidenhead Festival is entirely non for profit and is run by a team of volunteers. They have to raise £60,000 every year to make sure this great free community event goes ahead – so there is an entry fee to the Battle of the Bands Full Band nights to help to raise a very small amount to bring the Festival to the town.

The venue does not take any fee for hosting the events.

Hear some great local talent and select your favourite – the audience have the power to choose who’d they’d like to see at the Festival in July!

Fringe Events 2024

Battle of the Bands Round Two will be on Wednesday 24th April at Off The Tap and on Friday 10th May at Potion and Motion.

Battle of the Bands Acoustic Battle Final will take place at A Hoppy Place on Wednesday 22nd May.

There will be a Fringe Quiz Night at A Hoppy Place on Wednesday 4th June and Music on the Move Festival at multiple fringe venues on Sunday 30th June.

Fringe venue partners are: Off The Tap, A Hoppy Place and The Maiden’s Head.

Head to The Maidenhead Festival Fringe Events to find out more!