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Face2Face Maidenhead Business Networking

As well as sharing local events that take place in the community over on the What’s Happening in Maidenhead page, I also run my own business networking sessions in and around Maidenhead. The events are open for anyone who is in business or corporate, runs a side hustle or are thinking about starting something new.

They are inclusive for anyone (not just women or mums), and although the events are Maidenhead based, attendees do not have to be local. They are for anyone who would benefit from connecting with others to network, collaborate, gain referrals and recommendations, leads, and to get themselves known are very welcome.

How they work:

The networking events are every month and run for two hours, usually from 10am – 12pm. They are typically on a Tuesday or a Thursday (although this can change depending on the venue) and I use different venues in the area.

Tickets are £12 (you are not tied into a membership) and that includes a drink, an opportunity to introduce yourself (in a non-scary way), time to mix and mingle with the group at the beginning and the end and you can swap business cards, flyers and contact details. Directory members get a 50% discount.

There is always a guest speaker, who will talk or do a workshop for around twenty to thirty minutes. And I am always looking for someone new each month. In the past, we have had an eco quiz and informative and engaging workshops on how we show up in our business.

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face2face maidenhead business networking lord grenfell
face2face maidenhead business networking at masters
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The benefits of networking


Connecting with others is a way to get inspired in your business. This is an opportunity to bounce off ideas, learn and create, get referrals, recommendations and ultimately business.

I also collaborate with LinkedIn expert Bettina Siddiqi and we host free netwalk sessions in Maidenhead, going from the Thicket off the Henley Road, over to Stubbings Nursery – where we continue the conversation over coffee and cake. Adding in the walking is good for physical and mental health – and getting creative.

maidenhead netwalking at thicket
maidenhead netwalking at stubbings
networking at stubbings
maidenhead networking at stubbings

Would you like to join us?


Would you like to join Face2Face Maidenhead Business Networking? Do sign up for the Face2Face Maidenhead newsletter to receive details of these events and others, straight to your inbox. And ensure you follow Face2Face Maidenhead on Instagram and Facebook

It is open to men and women in business, or those who want to connect and be inspired.

Networking events will be held at local venues every month, and netwalking will also continue monthly where there is the demand.

Head to the Eventbrite link below to find details of upcoming Face2Face Maidenhead Business Network events. Hit follow and turn on notifications so you know when new events are added.