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Let’s Dive In!

Swim Classes in Maidenhead

Let’s Dive In is a swim school based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. With a team of qualified and experienced swim teachers, they offer a variety of swimming lessons for adults, children and babies.

These include courses for beginners, those who want to develop or those with low confidence in water. Plus training for more advanced swimmers – such as learning to dive, competitive swimming, skills for triathlon and synchronised swimming. There are also water fitness classes, ladies only sessions and classes for seniors.

Contact Details

 07966 937101    

What is Let's Dive In?

The baby and children’s lessons are held in small groups. These are designed to develop your child’s confidence whilst having fun in the pool. The lessons are split into Swim England, Learn to Swim programme stages according to ability. 

Swim Venues

Swim classes are held at a number of Maidenhead venues which include: Claire’s Court School, Claire’s Court Junior Boys School, The Holiday Inn and Newlands School. In the summer months, lessons are held at the outdoor pool at St Edmund Campion School.

There are also individual classes at Amersham Road in High Wycombe, which is a private pool.

Holiday Activities

Let’s Dive In offer a range of holiday activities, from intensive swimming lessons, to fun aquatic activities.

Synchro Swimming at Let's Dive In!

Your child can learn Aquabatix Synchro swimming by specialised trained teachers. These can be on land as well as in water. Or they can upskill with the RLSS Rookie Lifeguard programme. Here they can learn the dangers of open water and basic rescues.

Other fun activities include Water Polo, Snorkelling and learning to dive.

Mermaid and Shark Parties

The Mermaid and Shark session are a great idea for parties or holiday activity. Bring your own shark fins and mermaid tails for alternative underwater fun.

Synchro Club

Maidenhead’s first synchro club was launched last year by Let’s Dive In. Former Olympic synchronised swimmer Katie Chapman competed in the 2012 London Olympics and now coaches and helped to set up the Synchro club.

The club is for children ages seven and over, and have achieved Stage Four.

 Qualified Swimming Teachers

All of the Let’s Dive In teachers are fully trained and experienced. Sessions are available for any age or ability – including babies and toddlers, seniors, those with a fear of water (aquaphobia), adults and children with Special Educational Needs and those with Parkinsons.

About Let’s Dive In!


You teach a wide range of swim courses for all ages and abilities. What age do the baby classes start from?

Yes we try to offer everyone an opportunity to learn to love the water regardless of where they are in their swimming journey. Babies can start the sessions with us once they have had their first immunisations.

You also offer parties and clubs for children. How popular have the mermaid and shark parties been?

Most school holidays we offer aquatic activities which range from learning to dive, snorkel, rookie lifeguard as well as learn to swim sessions. We run mermaid sessions in the holidays which are very popular and have hosted a number of parties. These have been mainly requests from our swimmers, all participants require their own mono fin or swim fins (as each child needs one their size) however these can be purchased as the party gift to take home as well as for using in the party.

How big are your swim classes?

We try to keep our classes as small as possible to maximise the amount of learning that swimmers do in their session. Our beginners classes are usually 1:4 and stronger swimmers 1:6. In our learn to swim we usually have an assistant teacher in the water as well (pre-covid) now our learn to swim is with parents taking part to support their child in the water. Whilst some parents have been concerned about this, we have found that they now get to enjoy each swim achievement with their child which is making memories together.

Your synchronised swimming club is delivered by Katie Chapman, who is a former Olympic synchronised swimmer. Do you offer training for serious swimmers who would like to reach Olympic level?

Yes, we have swim squads which are progressing to competitive swimming and run our own internal galas, there is always the option to join a local swimming club too. Some of our swim squad swimmers have encouraging times to compete locally.

Do you offer one to one courses for less confident swimmers?

Where pool time allows we offer 1:1 sessions which can be booked on a weekly or ad hoc basis. They take place around our group sessions. This is often useful for those wishing to master a particular skill or work on water confidence. This approach is also helpful for children with SEN requirements. Our teachers have had training by Autism Berkshire and we offer Autism friendly sessions too.