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Knead Neapolitan Pizza Kickstarter Crowdfund

Simon and Olivia Perry are a husband and wife team with a big dream, which is to set up their first pizza restaurant  – here in the heart of Maidenhead. Their business – Knead Neapolitan Pizza has already been running as a mobile pizzeria. But they now have a premises in a brand new unit – and want to get it right.

Sustainability is huge to the couple, and they want to do what they can to keep the carbon footprint low and be as eco-friendly as they can, where they can. This means using sustainable materials in their restaurant, reducing single use plastic, growing their own basil on a hydroponic wall in the restaurant, installing a super eco friendly ventilation system and having a state of the art oven.

They already work closely with UK businesses to source their ingredients as locally as possible, and these sustainable elements are something they don’t want to cut corners with.

Their Story

Simon has a background in teaching English, but in 2019 he was injured playing rugby which left him with some time on his hands. He was gifted a pizza oven from a friend – so the couple bought a Peugeot J7 and turned it into a pizza van. Later the van was hit by a drunk driver. But they carried on and now have kitchens in High Wycombe and Marlow and pop ups. Their vans cater for events and private parties – and now the dream is to create a brand new business with a conscience, serve planet friendly pizza, and to get involved with the local community.



The new pizzeria is set to open at the end of November, but the costs have increased by 50% since they began. In order to open Knead Neapolitan Pizza on time and to ensure they keep the sustainable elements that are important to them – Simon and Olivia have started a kickstarter Crowdfund to help with it all.

It is not an all for nothing crowdfund, but you can pre-purchase from a range of loads of exciting packages – such as meals, experiences, pizza making workshops, pizza parties, story writing sessions, pizza party hire and so much more.

Simon says ‘we’re not asking you to just give us money. You will be getting something really awesome in return.’

The couple are all about the community, connecting with other local businesses and doing something they really love.

If you would like to get involved, head over to the Kickstarter Crowdfunding page for all the details. And keep an eye on their website and social media pages for the launch date and all the updates.


Find Knead Neapolitan Pizza on Unit A, Trinity Street, St Ives Road, Maidenhead. SL6 1SG


And you can find out more, when I interviewed Simon (and was given a sneak preview to the brand new pizzeria!)