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Instagram Reels Masterclass

With Anna from Just Dandy Social (Review)

Anna Ison is based in Burnham and has a background in journalism and media, with twenty years working at Channel 4. Anna trained in digital marketing and social media and now works with businesses and charities to help to increase their social media presence.

Anna understands that platforms such as Instagram are changing all the time, and she helps small businesses to keep on top of the latest trends and get a better reach, more engagement and convert followers into clients.

As well as managing accounts and working on a one-to-one with her clients, Anna has started to offer Instagram Reels Masterclasses, which are small group sessions to demystify Reels.

Reels masterclass learning instagram reels

I attended Anna’s first workshop along with a business friend of mine, who enjoys making short videos but struggles to create Reels for Instagram.

I am quite used to creating videos (and using other editing tools) and Reels, but I wanted to learn a few tricks to keep them relevant and interesting.

Structure of the Masterclass

The Masterclass was two and a half hours long, which was a perfect length to go through everything we needed to learn. The group was very small which meant we could ask plenty of questions in the second half of the session.

Anna presented using slides, and covered what Reels are, different types of Reels, top tips, trending audio, tools to use, covers and captions.

Anna Ison, Just Dandy Social

We then got our phones out and looked at other Reels and we had the option to create our own. They could be saved or published, or deleted so we could start again. It was great practice, for confidence and to get a better understanding of how it all works. It was amazing seeing our creations come to life on the screen – then see how others react and engage later on.

The Verdict

I enjoy learning and keeping up with the trends and finding out new tricks and tips – so I really learned a lot from Anna’s session. I had some questions around sounds and audio and using captions and Anna was able to cover everything.

She then emailed the slides over afterwards and was there on hand if we had additional questions after the Masterclass, which was really helpful. I really recommend joining one if you want to master Reels yourself and you’re getting frustrated by it all.

Join the Next Reels Masterclass

Anna will be holding her next Reels Masterclass workshop on Thursday 23rd February 2023 between 10am – 12:30pm at The Positivity Centre, Burnham, SL1 8NJ

Book online here and follow Just Dandy Social on Instagram for more tips and content ideas!