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Hippocampus Creative Marketing was founded by Christina Langan, a passionate, growth-minded, creative marketer with over 30 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience for leading brands and smaller brands on their way up.

Hippocampus provides creative thinking and delivery of your marketing including building your marketing and content strategy, content creation, campaign design and delivery, plus managing and copywriting your social media.

More bespoke services include logo design, video script writing, template designs and case studies. Get in touch with your enquiry or take a look at the range of packages found on their website.

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Marketing for your Business

Hippocampus Creative Marketing work with small businesses and start-ups to help their businesses to grow and differentiate from the competition. They give you creative ideas or create compelling content to target your ideal audience, stay relevant and stand out from the crowd. Christina has a passion for marketing and to help businesses grow. 

Hippocampus comes from the Latin word, meaning seahorse, which is known for being imaginative, loyal and nurturing. These are the same characteristics Hippocampus Creative Marketing have with their clients.

There are different marketing packages available to suit your budget or requirement.


Christina Langan, Hippocampus Marketing

About Christina


What made you want to get into marketing?

I have worked in marketing for 30 years. But my passion started when I was younger, as I used to avidly watch all the tv adverts as they are often creative masterpieces in themselves. It was inevitable that I got into marketing, as it is such a creative industry, not just visually but with the written word too. My first job was an editorial assistant at McGraw Hill but I enjoyed promoting the books more, so my marketing career really kicked off after that. As I held many senior marketing positions at large corporates like Nortel Networks, Dell and Amazon Web Services. I have also worked in startups and smaller companies as I enjoy helping them to establish their business through marketing and achieve growth.

How have things changed over the years in the way businesses market themselves?

Business marketing has really evolved over the years as it has changed from one-way traditional communication (tv, radio and print ads) to interactive digital engagement. This digital era provides many opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience on a personal level, leveraging technology, different platforms and data to create more tailored, meaningful experiences. But it also provides some challenges as there is a constant demand for fresh and engaging content, trends evolve rapidly and consumer attention spans are pretty fleeting. So businesses find themselves in a perpetual state of creating relevant, engaging branded content and marketing strategies to keep their audience captivated.


Have you always been creative?

I have always been really artistic even winning all the art competitions at school. I have also been known to oil paint, throw pottery, attempt glassblowing and I have written a children’s book! I am an extremely creative thinker too, always coming up with innovative ideas to help my clients make an impact in this very competitive world.