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discover maidenhead with treasure map trails
treasure map trail in maidenhead
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Discover Maidenhead with Treasure Map Trails!

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Treasure Map Trails was founded in 2020 by a Bedfordshire dad called Daniel Johnson. He was looking for ways to entertain his young children – and with some research of local history and a bit of creativity, Treasure Trail Maps was born.

Maps for different towns in the UK with fun themes are great for families to look for hidden treasures! These are in the forms of statues, works of art, quirky parts of buildings and more.

Living in Maidenhead, I naturally chose to explore Maidenhead with Treasure Map Trails – with my daughter. We also have trail maps for nearby Marlow and Windsor too. A great way to get out – and see things we haven’t noticed before!

Maidenhead Trail Map

The trails are set in the main part of each town, which means you don’t need to walk for miles when you’re doing them. There’s no official start point, and if you don’t get it all done at once, then not to worry – you can always complete it on another day.

As we live in Maidenhead, some of the treasures (landmarks) were very familiar to us – so we found them straight away. However, some were actually quite difficult.

Some of them really made us look hard! There are clues on the back of the trail map if you really get stuck. The clues are also handy if you’re unfamiliar with the town and the names of the buildings.

Make a day of it!

We did this during half term, and it’s a good way to get some fresh air and exercise – and even make a day of it. Why not head to a cafe for a spot of lunch and support local too?

There are maps available for other towns and more are being added all the time. Simply head over to the Treasure Map Trails website and browse the locations. If you’re going on a UK staycation, it’s a fun thing to do while you’re away.


Fancy doing a trail?

Head to Treasure Map Trails to purchase your own map – and enjoy your adventures!