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Chevaun Willis is the founder and owner of CW Restoratives and she runs a massage clinic which is situated within NU-U Clinics in Cookham. Chevaun is a fully insured member of the FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists and she has been a qualified massage therapist since 2006.

Her treatments include Relaxation Massage, for those wanting to focus on the body as a whole. This treatment helps those who are stressed, anxious, have difficulty with sleep or need to unwind. Or Deep Tissue Massage, designed for specific aches or pains. This includes elements of the relaxation treatment.

Chevaun ensures clients and their bodies are prepared for each treatment, by relaxing them mentally and physically. This includes breath work and body rocking, followed by a warm foot cleanse.

Treatment packages are either 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes.

Contact Details

07976 049137

Opening Times:

  • Monday: 5:30pm – 9pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 5:30pm – 8pm
  • Friday: 5:30pm – 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 4pm
  • Sunday: 9am – 2pm

Address: Based within Nu-U Clinic, 1 The Lodge, School Lane, Cookham, Maidenhead. SL6 9QQ

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About CW Restoratives


Why did you become a Massage Therapist?

I have been a qualified massage therapist since 2006. From a young age I lived a very sporty life both training and competing. From this I have always been fascinated by the body and how it works so knew I wanted to do something based around this. I also found the connection between both body and mind very interesting which is why I decided to study Holistic Massage.

I spent time working in some of the most renowned 5* spas building on my knowledge and continually learning and adding new skills to my treatments including trigger point therapy, myofascial release and then on to do Deep tissue Massage.

In 2010 I took my passion for treatments to the next level and gained my qualification in teaching and went on to work as a National Trainer for 5 years teaching others.

By opening CW Restoratives I want to change the way that massage is seen and offer a service that I struggle to find myself.

I want to bridge the gap between relaxation massage and pain relief massage and blend aspects of the two together. I feel that currently you either have a relaxation massage in a lovely tranquil environment but with little pressure and not a high enough level of skill or a clinical pain relief/sports massage in a brightly lit room where you know you’ll be suffering for your greater good afterwards.

If you have aches and pains and need a deeper treatment why can’t you relax in a calm environment also? The body needs a level of relaxation to be able to receive a deeper targeted treatment.

For so long massage has been seen as a luxury but times have changed and it has become more of a necessity. Massage can treat so many things including stress, anxiety, aches and pains, injury, insomnia, mental health, depression, psychosomatic pain, headaches, digestive disorders, poor circulation, improves immune function, the list goes on. So many people suffer constantly with at least one of these things so why are more people not having massage. I absolutely love my job as a therapist because I get to meet so many different types of people and I love that I ca help people in so many ways. It’s such a rewarding job.

What is to be expected from a treatment?

All of my listed treatment times are hands on times. If you book 60 minutes you will get 60 minutes of hands on treatment. All treatments are personalised to each individual client.  My clients are more than a time slot in my day, I don’t book clients back to back as the time with my clients before and after the treatments are just as important. CW Restoratives will never be a conveyor belt of clients. Life moves at such a fast pace your massage appointment shouldn’t be the same. 

Before the treatment based on the consultation I will get the client to choose their massage scent based on a blind smell test of the 2 I most recommend. They will naturally be drawn to what the body wants/needs the most. 

I start all treatments with a warm foot cleanse followed by a little bit of breath work to relax the body and then go on to do some body rocking which helps relax muscles, calm the nervous system, open up joints, and helps bring the body into balance. 

The relaxation massage is for those wanting to treat the body as a whole. It is great for those that are stressed, anxious, struggling to sleep or simply need to unwind. 

The deep tissue is designed for those with specific aches and pains or those that prefer a firmer pressure. 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

I offer gift vouchers also.