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Coz Pilates

Pilates Classes Maidenhead

Coz Pilates is run by Corinne Hutchinson. Corinne is based in Maidenhead and teaches Pilates in Maidenhead, Windsor and Hurley. She offers group classes and one-to-one sessions, and also currently holds an online group class once a week.

There are also On Demand classes available online (Details below).

Corinne is a Mat, Reformer, Bench, Wunder Chair, MOTR and TRX Pilates teacher. She offers a range of classes each week with flexible pricing plans, including pay as you go options.


 Mat Pilates Classes

Full Body Mat classes are either in person or online, and help to build core strength and flexibility. There are classes for intermediate levels as well as ones suitable for new clients..

Coz Pilates, scissors on mat

They involve little or no equipment. Sometimes equipment such as balls, blocks and bands may be required.

MOTR Classes

MOTR Pilates (Movement On The Roller) are classes held in Hurley or at Woodlands Park in the Maidenhead.

 The MOTR is equipment that originated from the US that combines a foam roller with a pulley. It is designed to help with strength, stability and cardio.

 The class includes familiar Mat and Reformer Pilates, using multiple muscle groups and
connecting the whole body.

Find out more about the MOTR on some of the videos on Corinne’s social media pages.

Coz Pilates in the Park

Reformer Pilates

One-to-one Reformer classes are held in Hurley where Corinne has two reformer machines.

She works with clients with a whole range of injuries but also assists healthy and fit
individuals to enhance their sporting abilities.

Each session is tailored for you where you can focus on your personal goals.

Find out more about Coz Pilates by visiting the website and social media pages.

Corinne Hutchinson Reformer pilates

Contact Details

Use the code FACE2FACE10% when booking online for 10% off your booking of any mat or motr class. Or 10% off an assessment or your first one to one reformer session.

Coz Pilates:

 07770 335968              

About Corinne


How long have you been teaching Pilates?

I started teaching Pilates in 2018 after training to teach both Mat and Reformer Pilates.

Now I also teach MOTR Pilates and use a variety of small equipment in a class based environment as well as privately and small groups.

You offer a variety of classes and styles. Are any of your classes suitable for

Due to changing times, classes have transitioned but currently I have one online class still to accommodate those still concerned with Covid and also those clients who find it convenient to jump into class due to a busy life.

I have two MAT Pilates classes which are small groups so as to ensure individual attention and guidance. We use a variety of equipment and all classes are different.

On top of these classes I also offer 1:1 Reformer Pilates out of my small studio in Hurley.

Also I am almost finished with my Level 4 Exercise Therapy qualification where I will be able to rehab people through specific injuries very soon too.

All classes and privates are open for new Pilates clients and beginner levels.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

There are SO many benefits to doing Pilates.

Pilates not only strengthens the core muscles, it tones and strengthens all of the muscles in the body. It mobilises joints so you can move more freely and increases the flexibility of muscles. By re-balancing them, it can correct postural issues.

I love the mind body connection. Plus the coordination, balance, concentration, precision are additional big Pilates principles too.

I love the control and the flow of the moves from one to another. The breathing also helps connect deep abdominals and pelvic floor. This assists with movement efficiency as well as bringing calm and relaxation. And it also helps with mental well-being.