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Kirsty Dawson the child sleep therapist with her two children in bluebell woods

The Child Sleep Therapist

Kirsty Dawson is The Child Sleep Therapist and supports families and their children with various sleep related issues. Kirsty works with parents and carers with babies from four months up to seven years of age. She will assess each individual situation, so that bedtime routines are calmer, and children sleep longer in just two weeks.

Kirsty is a qualified paediatric sleep consultant, a nursery nurse, experienced nanny and she has two children of her own. She has been supporting families for over fifteen years.

kirsty dawson the child sleep therapist with her family in bluebell woods

One-to-one Sleep Support

There are various packages to choose from with The Child Sleep Therapist, depending on the level of support you require. You can also have a 45-minute trouble-shooting call with Kirsty to discuss your sleep concerns and receive advice on how to tackle them.

Kirsty also offers a free discovery call to decide on the best process and package for you.

Every child and situation are different. Issues may include difficulties in falling asleep, waking in the night, co-sleeping, feeding and more. Get in touch or fill out the online form on The Child Sleep Therapist website (link above).

About Kirsty

What kind of impact does using a child sleep therapist have on families?

Using a sleep consultant can only positively impact families; they establish healthy relationships with bedtime and sleep as a whole, and we all know how important sleep is to everyone. Previous clients have used the words, and I quote, “life-changing”.

Do you work with children of any age?

I work with children from 4 months – 7 years.

Is it harder to get older children into a bedtime routine than smaller children or babies?

Every baby/child is different, and every situation is different. I wouldn’t specify one is harder than the other, as each child responds differently. We usually see improvements within three days if the parents are consistent, and this is with any age.