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bluebell walk in maidenhead
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Bluebell Walk in Maidenhead

Discover the Bluebells at Little Thrift Wood, Ockwells


After the long winter months, many us of welcome lighter evenings when Spring comes around. It’s also a time for warmer weather (sometimes!) and seeing spring flowers come up.

I personally enjoy the colours of pink blossom and the vivid blue-violet of bluebells. And one of our favourite places to visit in Maidenhead when the bluebells appear is the bluebell walk at Little Thrift Wood, Ockwells.

The bluebells can be first seen in March, but to experience the vast carpet of them, is throughout April to early May.

The bluebell walk at Little Thrift Wood is a lovely walk to do. The path has been created so the delicate flowers are not trampled on – but you can walk through them to really appreciate their natural beauty. Bluebells are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and it can take more than five years for them to first become established.


Bluebells can often be seen in ancient woodland – and Little Thrift Wood has stood there for centuries. It is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals – including the Lesser Stag Beetle and the Greater Spotted Woodpecker (which can be heard up in the trees).


Where Can You Find Little Thrift Wood?


If you fancy a walk, then it’s lovely on a nice day (although if it’s been wet, it’s advisable to wear your wellies!) There is plenty of free parking at the carpark at Ockwells Park, which is situated in Cox Green, Maidenhead, SL6 3AA. Ockwells park itself has a lovely enclosed play park for the children (which was re-vamped in 2020), a cafe with an indoor soft play area for younger children, and lots of green space and outdoor gyms.


The circular walk and conservation area allows you to explore the nature trail and areas of woodland. There are various walking routes (there are also signs to help you to navigate where your are).

Thrift Wood Farm covers an additional 86 acres of land, which opened to the public in 2017, as an additional extension to Ockwells park.

When you reach the wood when the bluebells are in full bloom, the forest floor is just magical and well worth the visit.