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Bigley Property Services offer landlords a guaranteed long-term rent on company let agreements and take the hassle out of renting their properties. They find tenants, take responsibility for them and their payments and take care of the general maintenance of each property. This creates a win-win situation where landlords can enjoy the true benefit of passive income on hands of tenancy. They will also assist landlords to sell their properties or buy it from them.

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07448 846079

Benefits of Using this Service

Bigley Property Services will act as landlords, which includes finding suitable tenants and ensuring the property owner receives regular payment at the agreed time. They will then make their profit from the rent they receive.

They will also take care of payment in between tenants so that there is no need to worry about void periods. Plus, they will repair common damages to properties, meaning money will be saved on management fees and renewing tenancies. Find out more by getting in touch.


About Bigley Property Services Ltd

How do you differ from a lettings agency?

At BPS, we will rent the property directly from you – or find someone who will – and offer guaranteed rent and many other benefits. If you’re selling, we may also be able to help by either buying or finding investors that may buy it.

How do property owners benefit from using your service?

Benefits for owners are simply said “great”. You will receive guaranteed rent, paid at agreed day of each month; We will rent as a company for a minimum of 3 years, so many years enjoying the passive income. You will have hands off and stress free tenancy as you won’t have to deal with tenants since we will manage our guests. You won’t have to worry about most general repairs as we will do this for you. So in reality, you won’t need to worry anymore about void periods, maintenance, or dealing with tenants, it is simply a win-win situation for all parties.

Do you rent properties in any part of the UK?

Yes, we will rent, buy and source properties anywhere in the UK.