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Best Play Parks to Visit in Maidenhead


Here is a list of the top 8 play parks and playgrounds in Maidenhead, Berkshire to visit. Ideal for Maidenhead Mums, Dads, Grandparents, childminders or carers – and visitors to the area. Each park has a play area with equipment suitable for various age groups, grassy areas and other facilities. Check out our roundup of the best ones!

Boyn Grove Park (Punt Hill)

Boyn Grove Park is situated off the Bath Road in Maidenhead, next to Boyn Hill Cricket Club. It has a lovely small play area for children and a large grassy hill which is popular for sledging when it snows!

The play area is suitable for children aged 3-8 years. One side has smaller play equipment such as toddler swings, spring rockers and a smaller climbing frame. And the other side has play equipment for the older ones, such as a larger climbing net, and a birds nest style swing.

There’s plenty of grass around for ball games, picnics (plus there are picnic benches) and running down the hill! The top of Punt Hill is ideal for watching the Cricket Club Fireworks on Bonfire Night too!

Other Facilities: Toilets, a small free carpark, and it’s next door to the Boyn Grove Library and cafe.

Address: Boyn Grove Park, Punt Hill, Courthouse Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 6JD

Boyn Grove Park, Punt Hill, Maidenhead
boyn grove park in maidenhead
punt hill, maidenhead, berkshire
punt hill on a snow day

Braywick Park (and Greenfields Park)

Braywick Park and Sports Ground is situated on the Braywick Road in Maidenhead. This large ground has a play park for slightly older children, aged 9-14. It has a climbing wall, large climbing frames, birds nest swing, plus an exercise area and a basketball net.

There is also an Athletics club and running track and a large pitch for ball games.

Across from Braywick Park is a smaller play park suitable for younger children called Greenfields Park. This park is for children aged 3-8 years and has swings, slides, spring rockers and a small zip wire.

Other Facilities: Close to The Toby Carvery, Maidenhead dinosaur themed Mini Golf, Maidenhead Rugby Club, Braywick Nurseries and the Braywick Leisure Centre.

Car Park charges: Monday – Saturday, 9am – 9pm.

Up to 1 hour: £1.20, 1-2 hours: £2.40, 2-3 hours: £3.60, 3-4 hours: £4.80, 4-5 hours: £7.50, Over 5 hours: £10.00

Address: Braywick Park, Braywick Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1BN

braywick park
braywick park and athletics club
greenfields park off stafferton way
greenfields park and braywick park

Desborough Park

Desborough Park can be reached off the Larchfield estate in Maidenhead, or from The Croft or Desborough Crescent (off Norden Road).

There is a large football pitch and a path all the way round the park (perfect for bikes and scooters). There is also a small matrix skate park. It’s suitable for younger children as well as older children and teens on skateboards, BMX bikes or scooters.

The play park area is suitable for children aged 3-12 years, with toddler swings, a roundabout, slide and climbing frames.

There are also courts for basketball and outdoor gym exercise equipment around the back of the play park.

Other Facilities: There is the Larchfield community centre on site with it’s own car park. Or there is a free car park on The Croft, which has a maximum stay of 3 hours.

Address (for The Croft Car Park): The Croft, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4BA

desborough park, the croft
play park area at desborough park, larchfield
desborough park in maidenhead
the matrix skate park at desborough park

Grenfell Park

Grenfell Park is a lovely park surrounded by steep wooded banks and trees, and is situated close to the Maidenhead train station.

There is a large grass play area with a large zip wire, birds nest swing and slide for older children. Plus a basketball court towards the back of the park.

The enclosed play park is suitable for children up to the age of 10, with swings, slides, different sized climbing frames, a smaller zip wire and spring rockers.

There’s also picnic benches and tables and outdoor gym exercise equipment.

Other Facilities: There is a small free car park, a cafe (kiosk) with an outdoor seating area and toilet.

Address: Grenfell Park, Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1HG

grenfell park, maidenhead
grenfell play park in maidenhead
birds nest swing, grenfell park
play park at grenfell park

Kidwells Park

Situated in the heart of Maidenhead is Kidwells Park. This large open park covers 3 hectares and can be accessed from the Maidenhead town centre (under the underpass from Wilkos Car Park), from the Marlow Road or from the Cookham Road (pedestrian access).

In the summer months, the park is home to The Maidenhead Festival, Maidenhead at the Movies (the outdoor cinema) and other events.

Towards the Cookham Road end, there is a small play park area suitable for children aged 3-8 years. It includes small slides, climbing frames, a small climbing wall, toddler swings and a pirate ship.

Close to the play area is a matrix skate park, which is popular with older children and teens.

Other Facilities: There are tennis courts, a seasonal kiosk for refreshments, seating areas and walking distance to the town centre.

Address: Kidwells Park, 7 Wilberforce Mews, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7ED

kidwells park, maidenhead
kidwells park fountain, maidenhead
matrix skatepark at kidwells park
kidwells playground play park

Oaken Grove Park

Oaken Grove Park is accessed off Courthouse Road or Oaken Grove Road, with a free car park at either end. Or accessed off Ashcroft Road. It is a large park with a football pitch, field, paths for bikes and scooters, Sir Nicholas Winton Garden, a tuk shop and an enclosed play park.

The adventure play park is suitable for children aged 3-16 year olds. There is a wide range of equipment, such as swings, climbing frames, roundabouts and a sandpit. There are also plenty of seating areas for picnics or snacks.

Other facilities: There are private tennis courts and a bowling green, outdoor gym area, and a family run tuk shop which is open Tuesdays – Sundays. Car parks off Courthouse Road and off Oaken Grove Road.

Address: Oaken Grove Park, 32 Mulberry Walk, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 6EU

oaken grove park
adventure playground at oaken grove park
play park, oaken grove, maidenhead
 sir nicholas winton garden, oaken grove park

Ockwells Park

Ockwells Park is located on Ockwells Road in the Cox Green area of Maidenhead. There is a large enclosed playground for children aged 3-16 years, with climbing frames, swings, roundabouts, slides and plenty of seating areas for snacks and picnics. Plus there are sheep near to the playground.

There is also a cafe where you can sit in or take out drinks and snacks. Plus a softplay which is also in the cafe.

Ockwells covers an area of almost 18 hectares, as some of the park was once part of the Ockwells Manor Estate. There is also plenty to explore as it is part of a nature reserve, which extends out and includes woodland (Little Thrift Wood) and a meadow. Here you will find bluebells in the springtime, butterflies, minibeasts and deer.

Other Facilities: Large free carpark, toilets, refreshments at the cafe and outdoor gym equipment.

Address: Ockwells Park, Ockwells Road, Cox Green, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3AA

ockwells park, cox green, maidenhead
ockwells play park and cafe and soft play
ockwells park, climbing frame
bluebell walk at Thrift Wood, Ockwells

Riverside Gardens

If you head down towards the river in Maidenhead, you will find the Riverside Gardens play park. It’s close to Ray Mill Island and the iconic Maidenhead Bridge, on Ray Mead Road.

The playground equipment is suitable for children aged 3-12 years. There are swings, slides, a sandpit and even a hammock in the palm trees! There are also plenty of picnic benches within the play area.

Behind the park is a large playing field, and by the entrance of the car park you will find Jenners Cafe and the crazy golf.

The cafe has seating inside and out, and is open all year round. The crazy golf belongs to the cafe.

Other Facilities: A pay and display carpark. One hour: £1.00, two hours: £1.80, four hours: £3.50, all day: £4.50

There are toilets in the cafe. And it’s across from the river, where you can walk along up to Boulters Lock, Ray Mill Island (which also has a cafe, play area, guinea pigs and aviaries) or down to the bridge.

Address: Riverside Gardens, Ray Mead Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8NP

riverside gardens, maidenhead, ray mead road
riverside gardens jenners cafe crazy golf
riverside gardens play park, maidenhead
riverside gardens play park, maidenhead

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