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Art Vibes by Tina, greetings cards with original artwork

Art Vibes by Tina

Bespoke Greetings Cards and Art Work

Tina Prasad is based in Maidenhead and although works full time, she also has a creative passion. After learning the Law of Attraction – where positive thoughts bring positive experiences, Tina began focussing on the things that bring her joy.

She has now taken her hobby of drawing and painting and has set up her Etsy shop which has been very successful.

Art Vibes by Tina offers original and colourful greeting cards. They all feature her unique artwork and are for all occasions. There are different styles and a wide range to choose from. They can also be personalised if you require.

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Art Vibes by Tina biodegradable seeded greetings cards

Sustainable Greetings Cards

Tina also makes all her cards as eco-friendly as possible. That includes biodegradable sleeves on her A6 cards, recyclable envelopes and cards that are printed on FSC certified card (which is the gold standard mark for sustainable forestry).


Biodegradable Seeded Cards

For a gift and a card all in one, there is a selection of seeded cards. These are 100% tree free and biodegradable.

These cards are all made from sustainable alternatives to paper. Each handmade card is plantable – so after use they can be planted instead of thrown away. The receiver is then able to enjoy watching them grow into beautiful wild flowers – and there is zero waste.

 Shop Local

As well as shopping on the Etsy Store, you’ll also be able to support Art Vibes by Tina at local craft fairs and markets. Keep an eye on her social media pages for updates.

About Tina


I love your seeded greeting cards, they are very unique. Where did you get the idea from?

Thank you for asking about the seeded greetings cards. I stumbled across the paper by accident whilst researching Eco Friendly resources for my art.

Since then I’ve discovered many other sustainable products that I incorporate into my art projects. I feel greetings cards are such a lovely way to spread the message of sustainability and at the same time they are fun. My new colouring sets for children provide a lovely way to open the conversation regarding recycling, taking care of our planet and nature all whilst having fun at the same time.

Do you think that many people are starting to become more environmentally conscious?

Yes, I do believe people are becoming more environmentally conscious. It’s a gradual process that will take time. I try not to waste much and have been upcycling clothing and furniture etc. for years.

It was important to me to try and use as many Eco-Friendly components for my greetings cards as possible. I recently discovered 100% biodegradable film sleeves made from vegetable starches which I use for all my A6 size cards now. My seeded cards are tree free and made from recycled waste residual cotton fibres. My envelopes are all recyclable. This makes them ZERO WASTE items which I’m really proud of. 

All my other cards are printed on FSC card stock which is the sign of responsible forestry also making them Eco Friendly.

I believe it’s important to many people right now.

You are a talented artist. Do you or will you sell other items featuring your artwork?

Thank you for your kind words. At the moment my art is just on greetings cards, but that’s all about to change. Very soon I will be sharing my artwork on lots of other products so that is something to definitely look out for in the near future.