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6 for Success

Yve Audaer Weight Loss Coach in Windsor

Yve Audaer is a weight loss coach and runs a company called 6 for Success. She’s based in Windsor Berkshire, but works with clients all over the world.

Her weight loss programme runs for 6 weeks and is based on healthy eating. No fads, real food for people who love food. She understands that the majority of people know what to do to lose weight – it’s the why that is the issue.

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Weight Loss Coaching and Support

Yve works with her clients closely and gets to know them really well. Her unique approach of being in contact with every client every day, many times each day, for the full 6 weeks means they have the confidence that she is always there for them and won’t let them fail. She is their accountability coach, their advisor, mentor, cheerleader and champion, all rolled into one.

Clients are provided with a full range of healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to make and can suit the whole family. Yve understands that people have busy lives and are often juggling many balls. She wants to make it straightforward, simple and not too time onerous. And above all, she wants them to be successful.


About Yve

What led Yve to start 6 for Success over 10 years ago?

Like many people, Yve has battled with her weight over the years. She went on her first diet when she was 15 and has tried them all! She’s done the A-Z of diets. She knows the misery of feeling deprived and hungry and miserable. She also knows that diets don’t work. We go ‘on’ and ‘off’ diets. We are either angelic or devilish.


What Makes 6 for Success Different to Other Weight Loss Programmes?

6 for Success is different. It’s a whole shift in diet mindset. It’s about learning new habits and strategies to keep the weight off – for good. 6 weeks is long enough to lose a significant amount of weight (the average loss is 19 lbs) and embrace a different way of dealing with stress, sadness and anxiety. People often turn to food and drink as a ‘comfort’. Unfortunately that comfort is very short lived. What follows is the horrid guilt, the self-loathing. Another potential blow to our self-esteem.


What are Yve’s Experiences?

Yve is married to Philip and it’s their 25th anniversary in October. They have two children, Hattie aged 24 and Rupert who is 23. Rupert has severe autism and associated very complex needs. He is non-verbal and lives in a residential home for similar young adults. Life hasn’t been easy for Rupert and it’s been a constant fight to ensure that his needs are met. Yve, Philip and Hattie are Rupert’s voice. They advocate on his behalf and are continually facing challenges to ensure he receives the best possible care.

Another reason why Yve understands why food and drink can be a crutch. She often shares her own experiences with her clients. Yve really believes that if we can get back in control of the only thing we can control – what we put in our own mouths – then everything else gets easier. It doesn’t make our other problems go away – but our ability to deal with them increases.

Yve understands. She knows the temptations and the pitfalls. And believes that losing weight is one of the most difficult things we can do. We can give up drinking, smoking, gambling etc – but we can’t give up eating. And nor should we. Food is a joy, a pleasure. She will help you fall back in love with yourself, fall back in love with real food and lose weight well, for good, for life.